ELD-AAC is an innovative software application designed to build grammar and sentence construction skills for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) users.

Created by speech-language pathologist Susan Berkowitz, ELD-AAC features 13 engaging digital activities that provide AAC users repeated practice to move from single word utterances to phrases and sentences.

For AAC users, communicating beyond single words can seem like an epic quest. These heroes have the messages within but lack the tools to fully express themselves.

Many AAC users find themselves stuck at single word and simple phrase stages. Without targeted practice, it's challenging to level up communication skills.

ELD-AAC offers a full set of interactive activities designed to guide AAC users on their journey to fluent phrases and sentences. We are your partner, ready to help unlock syntactic treasures.

Our software provides the plan AAC heroes need - over 400 engaging, gamified activities to gradually build grammar, sentence structure, and communication confidence.sentences are available, minimizing student memorization and acclimation. Activity 2 has 3 levels of play; full and partial color cue and no cue. Activity 3 has only partial color cue and no cue levels.


See our language building activities for nonspeaking children

Mission 1: Learn to Put Core Words Together

Mission 2: Describing Events and Experiences

Mission 3: Express Ideas about Familiar Activities

Mission 4: Using Spatial Concepts

Say goodbye to traditional language therapy and hello to interactive play! ELD-AAC transforms language development into an engaging adventure that captivates and empowers young minds with autism.