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App Creator

Susan Berkowitz created language learning apps to help kids develop communication skills

Speech Expert

Susan is a therapist with 45+ years experience helping children with language disorders

Reaching More Kids

The apps make proven language activities widely available to benefit more children

Building Skills

The apps develop communication and literacy to give kids essential language skills

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Early Language Development for Kids who use AAC with ELD-AAC!

Say goodbye to traditional language therapy and hello to interactive play! ELD-AAC transforms language development into an engaging adventure that captivates and empowers young minds with autism.

About Me

Susan Berkowitz

Creator of Language Learning Apps LLC

Susan is a speech-language pathologist with over 45 years expericence working with students with language-learning disorders and complex communication needs.

Language Learning Apps is intended to bring to a wider audience those activities that have been developed over the years in clinical practice and have been used successfully by many children.

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More Products

Teaching WH-questions

QuestionIt is designed to teach learners how to answer Wh- questions by first learning to match the type of word to the type of question, and then learning to find those words in sentences.

QuestionIt uses fading of color cues to help learners achieve success as they learn, and reinforces all correct responses with meaningful feedback and fun fireworks.

QuestionIt contains 4 activity types, which progress from identifying which words answer which questions, answering questions in simple sentence formats, to anwering questions in more complex sentences and in breif paragraphs.

Teaching manipulating
sounds in words for
better spelling
and reading

The goal of SoundSwaps is to assist students to improve decoding and encoding skills through improved auditory conceptualization.

Students will practice seeing and hearing words and learning where and when sounds are deleted, added, or moved to make new words.

Some students have difficulty with awareness of individual sounds in words, of whether two sounds are the same or different, and of the order in which to put them to form a specific spoken (or written) word. These students have difficulty with discriminating speech sounds in sequences and perceiving and comparing the different patterns in sequences in words. They cannot judge the differences between sounds and may delete or add sounds and syllables from words.

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